Saturday, June 15, 2013

Return of the abandoned blog!

Hello. :)

So, if you've read my earlier posts you know that I started this blog as a sort of therapeutic project that involved regaining balance in my life, and doing that (in part) through my cooking. The plan was to do one new recipe a week, and report on it.

The project morphed quickly into what it needed to be, an set of lessons on making mistakes and learning from them, as well as putting perfectionism into perspective. These were all not things I was aware were underlying the project at the time--they aren't what motivated it--but through the writing portion of it, I quickly discovered those were issues I needed to address. And so, the project and the blog were just as useful and therapeutic to me as I'd hoped they'd be, although in a somewhat different way.

My cooking has continued, but with a different focus, and I've moved on to the next stage (well, stages) of my personal development. There's a long, long story behind all of that, but it's for another time and probably another place.

So, the blog has sat abandoned for some time, although I did move it to a different platform when I started my nail blog on blogger. I've thought a bit about what to do with it, whether I should delete it, let it sit as is, or resurrect it with another purpose. I've decided that it is a part of me and a part of my journey, and there is nothing inherent about it that suggests it must be about I will continue on with it, in a different vein.

As for the new content, I'm not sure myself what that will be. My nail blog takes a lot of my spare time, and I enjoy what I do there, very much. But of course there is much more to who I am and what I love than that. So for now, I will use this blog to talk about other things on my mind, other things I love, and other projects as I involve myself in them. Hopefully, it will continue to be as useful to me personally as the cooking portion of it was, and my nail blog continues to be.

I suppose this is a strange post to write since I only have one follower, but my blogs have primarily always been outlets for me, and don't necessarily require readers to be important to me (although I love my followers!), so I guess this is a statement to myself and any future readers outlining what I hope to do so the transition makes a little bit of sense, lol.


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