Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The perfect red lip--I has it!

Okay so, I did say I didn't know what direction this blog was going to go and everything, but I did think it was going to be more on the side of written posts, some light-hearted, some not, about the things going on in my life, etc. I didn't really expect my first post was going to be of the gushy fan-girl type, lol.

But I have to do it. For approximatly the last decade, back since the 'nude lip' look sent all pretty lipsticks to wherever lipsticks go to die, I've been searching for the perfect red lip. My previous perfect red lip was discontinued by the maker ages ago (thanks to that I-want-to-look-like-a-corpse-nude-lip thing), and while I had purchased back-ups, they eventually did run out. And, I'm almost out of my runner-up perfect red lipstick. So you can imagine that any red lipstick that looks like it might do the trick has gotten my hopes up--and dashed them again. Most of the so-called perfect red lips out there are more of the fire-engine red sort, and while I'm sure somebody must look good in those shades, it certainly isn't me. I look good in a more glamorous, pin-up style 1940s-1950s red (I know--hard to believe from the style of my blog, isn't it? >.>), and it is nearly impossible to find. Believe me, I'd even be willing to pay ridiculous prices for it--I tried one for $30 at Sephora--but even then, no go.

So when a friend of mine referred me to Impulse Cosmetics, I was skeptical, but the picture she sent me from the shop looked promising. I bought the color she recommended--it's a pretty purple-red shade that I do love for the purple spectrum of my wardrobe...but more importantly, waiting for me there was the wonderful, magical, tears-of-happiness-inducing Arcadia. The picture on the site was perfect, but I've seen perfect pictures before. 

When it came, I put it on instantly, and feel in love...deeply in love. It's strange--and frankly a bit disconcerting--how happy finding the perfect red lipstick can make a girl. I couldn't stop smiling and looking in the mirror, and I was filled with peace, joy and happiness for my fellow man. Seriously, if I had caught someone trying to steal my purse, I probably would have given them a $20 and wished them a happy evening. That was last night, and the happiness has spilled over to today. I always knew the right lipstick on a girl can make her feel like a princess, but it turns out that the right red lip on a girl that has been searching for it for the majority of her adulthood can instantly turn her into a queen.

There is more to the miracle...This lipstick only cost me $6.99--less than drugstore lipstick, and..and...AND...It's flippin' Vegan. Cruelty-free I tell you, and free of animal products!!! I now know the true meaning of finding a Holy Grail product. This is the Holy Grail of Holy Grails for me. So I feel not just like a queen, but a benevolent, kind-hearted queen whose inner beauty matches the outer beauty of her perfect red lip, because no animals had to suffer for it. 

So yes, this is gushy and fan-girly, but it's really about more than just sharing with you and awesome indie cosmetics maker--it's about my discovery of the power of a the perfect lipstick to fill you with confidence, joy, and bonhomie... :)

Here's hoping you have found your perfect lipstick, or the equivalent, too! :)

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  1. This post deserved a woop woop!
    I know how you feel sister. The hunt for the perfect lip color, can make any man insane.
    Good thing we are WOMEN! :P

  2. I adore red lips! What did you get? I must know. :)

  3. Liesl, how did I not see this comment before now??? I got Arcadia, that's the main red one I love. I also have Medusa, which is more on the purple side of things, and I love it, too!


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