Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 8: Full Disclosure

Day 8: Full Disclosure Prompt: They toured the house with the real estate agent. "We love it," he said. "Is there anything we should know about the house's past?" The agent looked down.


They toured the house with the real estate agent.
“We love it,” he said. “Is there anything we should know about the house’s past?”
The agent looked down. “Ah, well. There was a suicide here a few years ago. That’s the reason it’s such a steal.”
Nika’s head turned with a sharp motion. “What happened?”
“Nobody really knows the full story. Right after the house was built, an out-of-towner bought it. The neighbors never saw her, it was like she didn’t live here at all. They assumed she worked really long hours, or something like that, because many nights they wouldn’t even see any lights on. One day there was some problem with her alarm—they never did figure out what had tripped it--and when the police came to check it out, they found her. She had killed herself several days before.”
Carl came over to stand by Nika; he knew how this would affect her. “Where did they find her?”
The agent looked away again, and cleared her throat. “In the master bathtub. She’d taken an overdose of pills.”
Nika turned on her heel and walked back to the bathroom. She searched the surface of the luxurious bathtub, and then sat on the edge; she placed her hands at the head of the tub, and closed her eyes. The surface felt cold to her touch, and smooth; it warmed slowly and began to vibrate gently. She lifted her hands slightly, so that her skin was barely in contact with the glazing; the vibrations moved with her, and intensified, as if reaching for her, like thousands of small strikes of lightning on her fingertips. She continued to focus, waiting, and felt the energy begin to come.
She felt the woman’s emotional pain, but only as the start of what had haunted her. The pain had been replaced by resignation; not a decided-upon acceptance, but an inability to fight any longer. The woman had fought continually, fought for so long, and then the desire to fight had drained from her. There was no moment when it had left; no minute, or day, or even a given week when it abandoned her. It had leaked away, one drop at a time, steadily, until there simply was no more left.
Nika concentrated. There was something here that was different from any other spirit she had channeled. What was it? She’d felt many people’s will drain when they had died slowly of a painful disease, of cancer, of AIDS; that wasn’t new. But this was something else. She drew in the energy, let it wash over her body.
She felt an ache grow in her chest, as though someone were squeezing her lungs. She felt anguish flood through her mind. She leaned into it, tried to experience it with every cell of her body, so she could identify it.
Heartsickness. The woman had been heartsick. Nika could feel repetition pounding through her: over and over, again and again, her heart had been broken, by family, by friends, by her lover. One piece at a time, her hope and her faith had died.
Mariah. Her name had been Mariah. And she needed help. She hadn’t received it in life, but Nika would see that she received it in death.
Nika broke the contact and straightened up. She walked back to the kitchen where Carl stood, distracting the agent. They turned at the sound of the approach.
Carl examined the expression on her face, and then turned to the agent and spoke.
“We’ll buy the house.”

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  1. Very interesting story. I like the supernatural element of it, and having worked in real estate myself. I know the feeling of standing there, trying to sell a house that someone has killed themselves in.

    Great story!
    Keep up the good work

    1. Ugh!! That could not have been a fun thing to do! And I bet you didn't have an empathetic psychic buyer to make your life easier, lol...::shudders::


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